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News and Insights

Meta Housing Corp: The Feeling is Mutual

The key to any successful business relationship is mutual respect, and our five-year alliance with treasured client Meta Housing Corporation is a perfect example. We recently received a glowing review from them […]

Affordable and Sustainable: A Rewarding Specialty

When Jamie General — founder and president of JAG Interiors, Inc. — landed her first affordable housing project in 2012, a new dimension was immediately added to her existing passion for interior design. “Knowing that […]

2022: Go for the Green!

Living in the same environment 24/7 can exacerbate even the smallest complaints about esthetics, comfort and functionality. As many transition from being forced to work at home to actually preferring it, design trends are undergoing […]

Meta Housing: Transforming and Enriching

Another successful collaboration with Meta Housing Corporation has been completed, with our installation at Arminta Square Apartments on February 23, 2021. JAG designed […]

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