The vernal equinox always signals rebirth and new beginnings, so we’re taking a look at some emergent trends — and forward-thinking favorites — that are popping up in the world of design this Spring.

1Maximalist Design: Flashy patterns, bold textures, vibrant colors and unique decor items showcase individual personalities and convey the re-emergence of fun and adventure. Try mixing styles or adding a splash of something unexpected in an over-the-top pillow pattern or an oversized piece of art.

According to Pantone their Color of the Year — Viva Magenta — expresses “a new signal of strength.”

2Glass Details: Dining and side tables made predominantly from glass, as well as smaller accents — like lamps and hanging lights — combine easily with a variety of finishes and add an upscale and sophisticated vibe.

3Japandi: This blend of Scandinavian and Japanese styles embraces rich color palettes, sleek styling, and faultless functionality for a tranquil and restful aesthetic.

4Curves: A nod to the re-emergence of ’60s and ’70s influence, curved lines and furnishings also convey a softer, more harmonious message.

5Marble Slab Backsplashes: Overuse is starting to make subway tile look dated. Large slabs make a big statement by adding drama, depth and a distinctive tone — plus it’s easier to clean than tile.

6Eye-Catching Fabrics: Extra-long shag rugs, chunky knits, exaggerated weaves and contrasting layers provide unlimited opportunities for comfort, warmth and individuality.

7Dramatic Dimensionality: Decorative paneling, oversized textures, embossed wall coverings, 3D tiles and ornamental surfaces add visual interest and depth.

8Natural and Sustainable + Warm and Earthy: Furnishings and wall coverings made from bamboo, rattan, jute and other eco-friendly materials will continue to increase in popularity. Combine with highlights of burnt orange, terracotta, ochre and rust, to cozy up any room.

Earthy orange is predicted to be a huge trend in fashion for 2023, so expect to see this creative and sensual hue pop up in furnishings and accent walls, too.

9Multi-Functional Spaces: Designed to serve more than one purpose, computer alcoves, workout/recreation areas and relaxation zones make the most out of limited square footage.

10So Long, Silver: Warmer metallics, like brushed bronze and gold, are set to dominate over chrome fixtures, and matte textures will be preferred to glossy.